About Me:

I'm Josh Kulinski. I'm currently working as a Senior Game Designer at WB Games: San Francisco where I have worked on Harry Potter Wizards Unite and DC Legends. I've been in the games industry since 2009 and have also worked at studios such as LucasArts, Playfirst, GREE and TinyCo. In this time I have worked both on original games as well as several major IPs such as Harry Potter, DC Comics, Star Wars, and Family Guy.


It's my goal to make world-class video games through engaging content and systems design. This is how I will leave my mark on the world. 

2019 Demo Reel: Professional Work

Personal Project: Scraplings

I'm working on a personal project in Unreal Engine 4 called Scraplings to further develop my skillset as a Game Designer and to better understand the tasks of my peers. I am building the entirety of this game myself, with some assets (animations, shaders) purchased from the Unreal Marketplace.


This video shows off some of the systems I have working so far. (Health, Combat, Climbing, Swinging, Casting Magic, Enemy AI, Stamina Meter, Keys, Triggerable World Events, Sprinting, Basic Animation Systems and more)

Other Designs:

Prototype: 9Lives

9Lives is a simple prototype I worked on in order to play with the concept of gamifying death as a core gameplay mechanic. Players have 9 lives per challenge and are tasked with solving puzzles by using their corpses in a variety of ways.


I've also worked on developing some simple weapons for First Person Shooters. In this example, I have based weapons off the NES Light Glove and Super Scope. 

Josh Kulinski

Senior Game Designer

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