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About Me:

I'm Josh Kulinski. I'm currently working as a the Economy Design Lead on Destiny 2 at Bungie. I've been in the games industry since 2009 and have also worked at studios such as WB Games: San Francisco, LucasArts, and ArenaNet.

I have been fortunate enough to work on a number of major IPs such as Destiny, Guild Wars, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Star Wars, and Family Guy.


It's my goal to make world-class video games through engaging content and systems design. This is how I will leave my mark on the world. 

2019 Demo Reel: Professional Work

Personal Project: Scraplings

I'm working on a personal project in Unreal Engine 4 called Scraplings to further develop my skillset as a Game Designer and to better understand the tasks of my peers. I am building the entirety of this game myself, with some assets (animations, shaders) purchased from the Unreal Marketplace.

This video shows off some of the systems I have working so far. (Health, Combat, Climbing, Swinging, Casting Magic, Enemy AI, Stamina Meter, Keys, Triggerable World Events, Sprinting, Basic Animation Systems and more)

Other Designs:

Prototype: 9Lives

9Lives is a simple prototype I worked on in order to play with the concept of gamifying death as a core gameplay mechanic. Players have 9 lives per challenge and are tasked with solving puzzles by using their corpses in a variety of ways.


I've also worked on developing some simple weapons for First Person Shooters. In this example, I have based weapons off the NES Light Glove and Super Scope. 

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