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Joshua Kulinski

Senior Game Designer


OBJECTIVE: To design and develop world class video games, craft digital worlds and create fun.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science Game Art & Design The Art Institute of California-San Francisco

SKILLS: Excel, Unreal Engine 3 /4, Unrealscript, Blueprints, Unity, Flash, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Actionscript, Jira, XML Visual Studio, C++,Perforce, Powerpoint, Google Docs.





Game & Economy Designer


Games: Guild Wars 2

Analysis and Improvements to the economy, developed in game commerce items from concept to implementation, worked on New Player Retention initiatives and new rewards systems for Guild Wars 2.


WB Games: San Francisco

Senior Systems Designer


Games: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, DC Legends


Senior Systems Designer on DC Legends and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. In my time at WB I was never afraid to get my hands dirty, diving into level design, systems design, created game modes, designed characters, abilities, stats, and events. With Wizards Unite, I have also taken primary responsibilities for implementing game data, as well as directing outsourced audio teams and assisting in the creation of UI layouts. 

I pride myself in ensuring everything I do is the highest quality it can be, and I am constantly eager to learn new aspects of design, which has been something my time at WB has afforded me in spades.



Game & Economy Designer


Games: Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, Unannounced Mobile Title


At TinyCo, my primary responsibilities are economy design, tuning, content creation, and event creation. I work closely with artists, engineers and writers to support both games in Live-Ops as well as upcoming releases currently in production.


Senior Game Designer


Games: Diner Dash, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones


At Playfirst, I was in charge of design of LiveOps for a number of mobile titles across iOS and Android platforms. Focusing on user engagement, progression, retention, player experience, narrative writing and systems design.



Systems Designer


Games: Star Wars: Smuggler (Unreleased), Star Wars: First Assault (Unreleased)


Focused primarily on systems design and player investment. My responsibilities ranged from conceptualizing, prototyping and implementing player abilities and weapons, to developing the player experience and progression through systems such as unlocks, achievements and medals.


Metamoki, Inc.

Game Designer


Games: Wildlings, Mob Wars, CityZen


Worked closely with programmers, artists and executive team to actualize overall vision of the product by creating and maintaining spreadsheets and game design documents, Produced artwork and animation when needed. Developed new IPs and systems for social and mobile platforms to promote social interactions between players.


TheBroth, Inc.

Game Designer


Games: Barn Buddy, Hoop Fever Live, Planet Domo

Created and oversaw design documents for game content, systems and viral mechanics for first generation Facebook/Social games.



Independent Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) Member 2009 Present

Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) Conference Associate 2007-2015



Full Moon Manor (2009 SxSW Screenburn Game Design Challenge Finalist) Conceived and wrote design documents, implemented major game systems and mechanics, including player abilities for 3 main characters, enemy types, and puzzles. Devised innovative User Interface and produced several character models.

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