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I've been a professional Game Designer since 2009. Over the past decade I have had the pleasure at working at studios such as Bungie, LucasArts, ArenaNet and WB Games: San Francisco. Here's a list of all the games I've had the honor of working on over the years.


Destiny 2

  • Contributions - 

    • Economy Design Lead

      • Lead Systems Design team that supports both seasonal and annual releases.​

      • Maintain currencies, vendors, rewards and other long tail investment systems

DC Legends

  • Contributions - 

    • Designed and Implemented Character Abilities, Movesets, Gear, etc

    • Charater Stats/Tuning

    • Game Mode Design and Implementation

    • Economy Design

    • Mission Design and Implementation

    • Clan Design and Implementation

    • Worked closely with Artists/Animation regarding Icons, Animations and overall portrayal of DC Characters.

WB Games: San Francisco




Metamoki Inc.

TheBroth Inc.

  • DC Legends (iOS/Android)

  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (iOS/Android)

  • Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (iOS/Android)

  • Unreleased Star Wars F2P Title (iOS/Android)

  • Diner Dash (iOS/Android)

  • Cooking Dash (iOS/Android)

  • The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (iOS/Android)

  • Star Wars: First Assault (XBLA/PSN) (UNRELEASED)

  • Star Wars: Smuggler (iOS/Android) (UNRELEASED)

  • CityZen (Facebook)

  • Wildlings (iOS/Android)

  • Mob Wars (Facebook)

  • Barn Buddy (Facebook)

  • Hoop Fever Live (Facebook/MySpace/Hi5)

  • Planet Domo (Facebook)


  • Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire (PC)


  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light (PC/Console)

  • Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (PC/Console)

  • Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons (PC)

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