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I've played a lot of FPS games, so I took a crack at concepting out some weapons for one of my favorite shooters, Halo.



Projects a laser into the environment which shows the trajectory, (including one bounce off of solid surfaces.)

  • “Bounce” is reflected by a bend in the tracer line

  • Similar trace-line to the Torque Bow from Gears of War

  • Tracer only extends for a limited distance before decaying

  • projectile should have falloff

  • Promethean design


  • Perfect for fighting enemies entrenched behind cover.


  • Medium/Long Range

    • Could be used effectively to flush camping enemies out of cover

      • Could be used offensively/defensively to shoot at enemies around corners​


  • Projectiles explode upon contact with players or vehicle.

    • Explosion is triggered by second impact with geometry (after first bounce)

    • If no contact is made Explodes after ​

  • Projectiles require a 3 Second Charge Time.

    • Shot is cancelled if trigger is released before Charge completes

  • ​3 Round Clip​

  • Ammo Capacity of 12

Impact Rifle

Fires Charged bursts of highly compressed air. Primarily used for Crowd Control / Area Denial.

  • Great for Capture the Flag, Territories, King of The Hill and other objective based modes.


  • Range: Medium/Long Range

  • Relatively low damage

  • Player must hold LT (fire button) to charge the weapon, and release to fire

    • Does maximum damage at full charge

      • Like the Plasma Pistol energy is drained while maintaining a full charge

    • If released before reaching full charge, shot’s damage potential is equal to the degree to which it was charged.

      • ie: a charge fired at 75% charge will deal 75% damage

  • Charges create a shockwave upon impact which inflicts Splash Damage

    • Can damage friendly units

    • Shockwave size is directly related to the charge level

      • ie: a charge fired at 75% will have a shockwave radius limited to 75% of it’s potential

    • Damage is greatest at the epicenter of the impact

      • Damage falls off sharply the further from the epicenter of the

    • Pushes players hit by it’s bursts

      • Players are pushed away from the epicenter of the shockwave

  • Players hit directly by the Impact Rifle are pushed with 100% force

    • Shockwave will radiate out from the player

  • Can be utilized in areas with deadly falls, to push enemy players off ledges.

  • Possible Fiction: based upon UNSC tech, originally designed to “peacefully” quell the uprisings on the Outer Colonies.

EMP Grenade
  • Temporarily disables electronic devices (deployables or vehicles) and scrambles HUD of effected player (temporarily disabled radar, markers, etc)

  • Could also temporarily stun Prometheans, Sentinels or other robotic enemies


Energy Field
  • Deployable device which recharges the armor abilities of friendly units within range

  • Recharges armor ability by 5% per second

  • Deployable device which prohibits the use of armor abilites while within field

Gravity Field
  • Deployable device which reduces the movement speed of all enemy players that enter it by 33%

  • Great to use when retreating from dangerous encounters or when escaping with a flag in CTF


  • UNSC Equivelent to the Ghost

  • Focuses on getting Splatter kills

  • Few things in Halo are as satisfying as getting Splatter kills, and that's what this machine is all about. 

  • Frontend of vehicle is HEAVILY armored, sides and back leave driver exposed

  • 2 man

    • 1 Driver​

    • 1 Passenger, similar to Mongoose

      • Passenger may shoot their weapons while riding unless they are carrying an object such as a flag​

    • No onboard weapons

      • Players are encouraged to attempt to get splatters, or pick up a passenger to provide firepower.​

    • Able to spin wheels, to charge, and then release for a boost, covering long distances very quickly

      • Charge ​

        • Vehicle may spin wheels for up to 3 seconds to reach max charge by holding gas and break at the same time​, releasing break to boost

          • Large real wheels "burn rubber" while doing this​

          • If brake is released before max charge is reached, speed and duration of boost will be decreased

        • High top speed while boosting, but turning radius is limited

  • UNSC Arial Team Based Vehicle

  • Like an Airborn Warthog, this vehicle is flown by one player, with a gunner manning a turret suspended below.

  • 2 man

    • 1 Pilot

    • 1 Gunner


  • Controls similar to the Hornet/Falcon

  • Pilot has no offensive weapons at their disposal, instead they must rely on a gunner.

  • Teamwork and communication between the Pilot and Gunner is important to effectively use the Wasp.

  • Unlike the Falcon, which proved somewhat difficult for a pilot to focus on lining up targets for gunners on either side of the vehicle, Wasp pilots only need worry about a single gunner, which whom they share a similar perspective of the battlefield, making it easier to help the gunner line up shots


  • Turret can turn 360* on it’s horizontal axis

  • Turret can turn 120* on it’s vertical axis


  • Turret should somewhat resemble a “stinger”

    • This is where the WASP derives it’s name

  • May come in multiple varieties

    • Chain Gun Wasp

      • Basically the same weapon as a standard M12 Warthog FAV

    • Rocket Wasp

      • High powerful Ballistic Rockets

        • Loaded up one at a time, Slow but extremely powerful

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