Halo Multiplayer Gametype Concept

Asymmetrical Team based multiplayer mode. (8v8)


One team controls a group of Spartans, while the other plays as Covenant forces.



  • Reach target score

  • Round timer expires

    • Rounds should last 10 minutes each
    • When timer expiers the team with the highest score wins
    • Each kill is worth points, the point value earned for each kill is determined by the type of unit that was killed (point breakdown below)

      • ie: The value of a Grunt is far less than that of a Spartan


  • Each Spartan starts the round equipped with 2 Frag Grenades, A Pistol and an Assault Rifle.

  • Killing enemies, earning assists, or other positive actions award the player with Action Points (AP) which he/she may then spend on new equipment for the round.

    • ie: Spartan C may spend 2000 AP to unlock the Battle Rifle (BR) for the round

      • Spartan C respawns with the BR equipped

    • When a player dies on the Spartan team they will be respawned with their default loadout, unless they pay the required AP to spawn with a different weapon.


  • Each Covenant Unit Type is worth a different point value*:

    • Grunt 100

    • Jackal 250

    • Skirmisher 250

    • Elite 300

    • Elite Veteran 400

    • Elite Chieftain 500

    • Hunter 750

*(Point Values are placeholder)


Spartan Team Gameplay
Covenant Team Gameplay

  • Each player on the Coventant Side starts as a Grunt, equipped with a Plasma Pistol and a Storm Rifle/Plasma Rifle, as well as two Plasma Grenades.

  • Killing Spartans, earning assists, or other positive actions award the player with Action Points (AP) which he/she may then spend to spawn as a more deadly member of the Covenant.

  • If player lacks sufficient AP to select a new Covenant Race, they can only respawn as Grunts.

  • This system will reward players for performing well and earning a lot of points.

  • Cost Per Unit:

    • Grunt : FREE

    • Jackal: 1000

    • Skirmisher: 1500

    • Elite: 2500

    • Elite Veteran: 3000

    • Elite Chieftain: 5000

    • Hunter: 7500

(cost to be balanced against average number of points earned per game)

  • When a player dies on the Covenant team they will be respawned as a Grunt unless they they pay the required AP to respawn as a more advanced unit.

Drop Zones
  • Drop Zones are shielded areas where players spawn, it is also an area in which players can return to in order to spend AP earned in match in order to upgrade their loadout or Covenant unit type, without having to upgrade between spawns.

  • Each team should have several drop zones on each map, to prevent enemy teams from camping.

Josh Kulinski

Senior Game Designer

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